Pacific Headwear

Pacific Headwear, Apparel Distributor

Pacific Headwear is a growing company that needed assistance expanding their Sage 100 installation. They needed a partner who not only understood Sage 100, but also how to address their remote technology infrastructure and unique work-flow needs.

"Without the Kernutt Stokes Technology Group assisting us, I don’t know that this project would have been successful. The key was the knowledge Terri and Dave have acquired through their experiences in the industry and similar projects with other clients. They were an outstanding addition to our project team - always providing good, sound recommendations and ideas.

Initially when we opened the new warehouse, it put a huge amount of stress on our accounting and work-flow systems. Terri and Dave introduced simple ideas and solutions we may have never considered. We could have introduced archaic methods of managing these pains, but that would have increased work-load and decreased efficiencies. The Kernutt Stokes Technology Group team stepped-in and designed and implemented a Sage 100 system that does all of the work without complicating our operations.

Sage 100 is now the backbone of our business. Our greatest satisfaction is that we are now fully integrated into one system and everything works smoothly."

Ryan McKillop, Executive Vice President