Business Intelligence Tools

Sage Alerts & Workflow

Business Alerts is an impressive add-on module that sends e-mail notifications to you and other specified personnel when something significant happens in your business. Solving problems before they start can satisfy your customers far more consistently. Integrated into critical modules, Business Alerts shifts your focus using early warning signals that announce critical events in your Sage 100 system, including credit holds, inventory thresholds, priority client transactions, urgency levels and more.

Business Insights

Business Insights, which comes standard with any new Sage 100 system, is the ideal solution for busy managers, executives and business owners who need quick access to key business information in an easy-to-read format. Designed to present easily accessible information in a high-level, graphic layout, Best's goal was to provide the data necessary to make well-informed, business-critical decisions to make your firm more competitive. The application is customizable and allows you to pick what information is the most important to your operation. With a multitude of insightful reports, extensive drill-down capabilities and an automatic data refreshing feature, Business Insights makes staying informed easy.

Crystal Reports

Crystal Reports is a powerful report writer that creates meaningful, real-time reports quickly and easily. Out-of-the-box reports are available along with the option to modify them to suit your business needs. Wizards can walk you through the necessary steps to modify a report with ease. If you would like to create a report from scratch, other wizards (called Experts) guide you through the process from start to finish. Your reports can run at pre-determined times, even unattended. Using the open database connectivity (ODBC) driver, Crystal Reports has direct access to Sage 100 data.

Custom Office

The Custom Office module provides a suite of tools that integrate your Sage 100 system with Microsoft Office. Customizer allows you to modify application screens to work the way you run your business, including the ability to add user-defined fields, all without programming. Visual Postmaster is a wizard-driven tool that creates mail merges in a snap using Sage 100 data and/or custom databases for your mailing. Microsoft Office Link can automatically merge accounting information in Sage 100 with Microsoft Word, Excel or Exchange software to quickly create custom documents, messages and attachments to send to individual customers or vendors.

Visual Integrator

In the past, businesses withstood standalone applications and performed software "workarounds" to achieve integrated reporting. Today, it's expected that these products work together. Using open database connectivity (ODBC), Visual Integrator provides fully automated data transfer between Sage 100 and other business applications. If you regularly import data from a custom or vertical software package, you'll find you can use Visual Integrator to make the integration virtually seamless.  You can easily create in-depth financial, operations, customer and vendor reports.

Sage ERP Intelligence

Analyze Sage 100 data using the familiar look of Microsoft Excel®.  Available modules include Report Manager, Report Viewer, Report Designer and the Connector.  With the Connector you can pull data from just about any data source and combine with your accounting data.