Business Process Design

Doing more with what you have - this is what Business Process Design is all about. If you are in search of synergies and efficiencies to reduce waste, overhead, and administrative time, the Kernutt Stokes Technology Group can help.

Our team of professionals has an average of 10 years business process improvement experience. Key elements of our methodology include:

  • ANALYZING the current state. Collaborating with your team, we outline the existing process state, identifying what is working and what is not. As a result, we prepare a Business Case for Change. This document is written to drive the strategy for developing the future process state.
  • DESIGNING the future state. Using the Business Case for Change to drive and focus our efforts, we work with you to design "best practice" process flows for your business. In this stage, our team prepares To-Be Process Flow Charts, a Role and Responsibility Matrix and Recommendations for Implementation.